Enrolment Options

Crimson Global Academy provides three enrolment options designed to help meet students’ specific goals:



Three Enrolment Options

Access to all clubs and tours

Receive College Counselling 

Graduate with International University Entrance Standards

2-3 Subjects

Invited to all CGA community social events

Access to all clubs and tours



Single Subject

1 Subject

Invited to all CGA community social events

Access to all clubs and tours



Full Time

Part Time

4-5 Subjects

Invited to all CGA community social events

Please see Tuition page for application form

Part Time and Single Subject students

Crimson Global Academy part time and single subject students take classes across an extended school day (6am - 10pm NZ Standard Time). Their classes includes instruction across multiple subject course options with lessons scheduled at times that allow them to blend their CGA courses into their existing schedules. 


All students accepted to CGA will be asked about their current time constraints so that their CGA schedules can be built around existing commitments. Once this is achieved a personalised timetable is built for each individual student.


All students will be eligible to receive their CGA transcripts (school reports/ grades), which can be sent directly to the student’s local school and/or to the universities / colleges they wish to apply to.

Admission Application Outcomes

At Crimson Global Academy we are dedicated to providing a highly personalised service which also includes consideration of a student’s ideal individual outcomes. As such our admission application outcomes exist in three categories:


without restriction

Students admitted to CGA may enrol each subsequent year without re-applying, may change enrolment option, and may take any subject available.

Admissions with ​enrolment option restrictions


Students may be restricted to part time or single subject enrolment options when the Admissions Committee believes that the student will benefit from a reduced CGA workload. Re-application may be required to change enrolment option to full-time. This outcome is common with earlier year-levels and younger students.


without graduation

Students who are unable to meet the academic requirements for graduation will not be eligible for graduation.

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